Horse Stall Rental

The most important consideration in choosing your Portable Horse Stall Rental supplier should be Horse Safety, which is why our entire portable horse stall rental fleet is built in Montague, New Jersey.

Horse Stall Height – Our Portable Horse Stall Rental Inventory consists of Horse Stalls that stand 7' tall. This height is essential to horse safety because at this height horses are prevented from physically impacting the horse next to them by placing their head over the top of the Portable Horse Stall. Beware of portable horse stall suppliers offering portable horse stalls that stand less then 7' tall.

Horse Stall Construction – The majority of our portable horse stalls are made of the plywood and steel. We have a limited number of vinyl and "solid" portable horse stalls for events requiring that type.

Horse Stall Size – Our Portable Horse Stalls are 9'6 wide by 9'6 long which, provides more then enough room for each horse while simultaneously saving horse show managers money. This size allows our clients to place two additional stalls per double row when compared to 10' wide by 10' long stalls. In the end, our clients pay less for tent coverage because of our stall dimensions.

Top Bar Separation – Our portable horse stall design provides maximum airflow and visibility while preventing horses from engaging with one another.

Portable horse stall design has evolved during our 27 years in business. The specifications listed above apply to our entire portable horse stall fleet and represent the safest in the portable horse stall industry today.